Floor Installation

Whether you want to install a hardwood floor in a new home or you decide to replace an existing floor, several alternatives are available to you: Laying a solid wood floor with raw finish and protection thereafter; or pre varnished, pre oiled or greased floating wood flooring. Our professional work guarantees that your investment will be very profitable in the long term by enhancing the value of the home or business. This type of flooring is popular for its beauty and warm, natural feeling it creates.

With the guidance from our team of specialists, it is important that you make the best choice from the options available for hardwood flooring so that this investment is profitable in the long-term. Each option has its strengths. It is up to you to choose the one that best meets your needs and your budget.

The traditional way is installing a solid hardwood floor, that is to say, installing whole boards of hardwood planks, without prior finishing and protection. The floor that is installed on a wood subfloor is more economical to purchase, but requires more work once the installation is complete, because it will take an initial sanding, applying a dye (if there is place) and several layers of varnish or oil to ensure the longevity and beauty of the new floor. It is obvious that only a highly skilled and professional team like ours is able to complete such a project to the satisfaction of all. It should be noted that in the case of a floor replacement, this option has more disadvantages than other options for the occupants, as it requires a lot more time and disturbance of the area.

The second option, becoming more and more popular, is laying a floor of solid wood that is already varnished, processed, sanded, and factory stained. All this preliminary work is no longer required at the place of installation and takes significantly less time to complete on the job site. In addition, this work allows the factory to ensure that the finish is done to the best result which is impossible to reproduce in the home or business conditions. Finally, these optimal conditions maximize sustainability of the finish of your floor. All that remains is to complete the installation. A wide choice of wood species, grade, and selection of colors, sizes and finishes are now available on the market. So you are more likely to find exactly the type of product for your needs and expectations.

If you wish to enjoy the particulars of natural looking wood with the benefits of a durable floor, a third option is available to you. It is laying a hardwood floor that is pre-oiled. Instead of a chemical varnish as a protective coating for your floor, pine oil can be used, which, in addition to enhancing the beauty of the wood, minimizes future scratches and increases resistance to changes in temperature, because do not forget, wood is a living material that is highly sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and humidity in the room where the floor is installed. The oil used is very respectful of the environment and enhances the natural beauty of wood. The great advantage of this type of floor is that any future floor repairs are much simpler.

Finally, the last option available to you is laying a floating floor which has the appearance of a hardwood floor, without being one, because no layer of real wood is used in its composition. As this is a photo print that is applied to a layer of chipboard, it can be sanded, and varnished again, and it will remain stable and resistant. In the long term, if this type of flooring is most economical at the outset, it will require new investments as it will visibly age and require maintenance for its look. Value for money, this product is hard to beat, but it does not have the same prestige of a real hardwood floor. Although, it is not solid but laminated the quality of this product is on the rise while satisfying the most modest budgets.